Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding Cake - Finally!

I have no idea what I've been doing the past few weeks that this hasn't gotten posted before.  Well, ok, maybe I know 1 or 2 things - going to TN for business, going out of town for G's birthday, going to his dad's funeral, watching the backyard die but not fast enough for G (have I told you about our backyard?), getting D off to trucking school, working - but other than that, I have no idea.

The pics finally loaded, so here they are.  But let's start with the rehearsal dinner picnic food.  Jesus may still feed the 5000, but He may not always provide the plates.  Somehow we ran out.  I blame the ducks.  Apparently there are 2 ducks for whom setting up tables in high winds is quite riveting to watch and quack about.  My son-in-law did a fine job of chasing them away every so often.  There is a video of this activity but apparently no one caught the funniest end of the video, as in K imitating the ducks...

G was manning both grills, full of chicken and burgers and pork steaks and dogs, but we never got any pics of these.  In fact, we didn't seem to get pics of anything except this waffle cut potato.

Remember me talking about the new cutter we got at the home show?  Well it came in very handy for slicing and cutting veggies for this picnic.  I even had some marginal success with the waffle cutter, but I definitely need more practice.  I've got some fat carrots at home right now that I want to try cutting as a waffle just for the fun of it. 

There are LOTS of stories to tell surrounding the wedding, including things like a chiropractor visit for me on my way to setting up the cake, but most of the stories are my son's and daughter-in-law's to tell.  Trust me...these 2 have plenty of stories to tell their grandchildren about their wedding day!  I couldn't have scripted all of the things that happened to these 2 on that day! 

But the wedding itself?  It was one of the most personal, intimate, worshipful wedding experiences I've ever been a part of.  Even the two ministers were choking up as they blessed these two.  EVERYONE was SO happy for S&A.  As P put it, there wasn't a dry eye in the house except for B - meaning my less-than-prone-to-tears youngest daughter.  There was one moment when I had to look away even.  S&A had done the salt ceremony and while the song is finishing, they are leaning in to pray for each other.  It was too intimate for me to watch.  I am so very happy for them. 

The wedding was also beautiful and fun - full of art and children and bells and music and a special, Hebrew blessing.  Rarely do weddings reflect the personalities of two people so well.  This one did.

Here are a few pics of the cake.  I want to include one pic of G finishing off the cake base.  He cut and sanded and painted the whole thing, but he did most of it when I wasn't around so I only got 1 pic of his concentration as he free-handed the corner designs to mimic the cake topper.

And here is the final, assembled cake.  The bottom tier was the chocolate stout with the ganache, the middle was the cinnamon with the spicy cream cheese buttercream and the top was the amaretto with coconut filling.  It was pretty much ALL eaten!
I'm not a good judge of a pic, so here are all 4 shots from slightly different angles....

That's all!  Happy Friday everyone!