Monday, November 30, 2015

Pie Night 2015!

Pie Night 2015 is in the books!

I wish I could say it was a 100% Success, but alas, I know of at least three failures...

1 - This pic.

Uh, Deb, what pic?

Exactly!  I FAILED to get a pick of the Morrison Family 2015.  GRRRR!!!  Next year, I promise!  I am hereby establishing a new rule.  NO pie will be cut or eaten until the Morrison Family Pie Night pic is taken!

So let it be let it be done.  (Extra credit for those old enough to catch that reference.)

2 - This pie.
This one was for KR...a Banoffee (banana toffee) but we couldn't cut it.  I thought it was the crust we couldn't cut through, but it was totally the toffee.  Long after KR had tried to eat it, I dug into it with my fingers to try and figure out what was wrong and realized that the toffee was like leather.  Can we say "Redo!"  K - I totally owe you a new one!  I've found another recipe that I want to try and send to you by way of SR.  Soon!

3 - This pie...the biggest fail of all.
That's right.  It was a Chocolate Strawberry Tart...a repeat of the one I made for A from last year...but it didn't quite make it to the table.  The floor got to enjoy it instead?  Sorry again A!

Ok, so let's get to the 83.59% successes, starting first with the pies I made for work.  See, we moved Pie Night back to the night before Thanksgiving this I didn't have a work Pie Day with all of the leftovers.

So what else is a girl to do but make a pie for each of a few coworkers?

We had turtle for SR (a different SR than the above SR, just so we're clear!)

And a Combo Berry for D...

plus a Pumpkin for R...

...and finally a Chicken Pot Pie for C.  (I will share the recipe for this one soon, cause it's a keeper!)

I think we had about 20 pies this year...not counting our fails....

Here's another view of the table, anchored by our Thomas Pie.

What's a Thomas Pie you ask?  The brain child of our very own J-man.  However he didn't share this choice with us until about 2pm on Pie Day....what to do?  What to do?  Well, B, suggested using the cookie cutter we had to form some shapes...and before we knew it, we had Thomas!

A little cinnamon sugar for flavor and baking...he turned out rather cute!

In addition to a repeat of the Chicken Pot above, we had the Guinness Shepherd's...smothered in garlic once a year often enough?
No, no it's not.  Sigh.

And now in no particular order, the rest...

...for B-man (you haven't really met him yet...), but he goes with C & D....

(oh and PS - Gingerbread Pie - not so much a keeper...)

...for C (B-man's C) - French Silk!  (I will introduce you to C soon!)

And D had his usual Apple.

P had Apple, was my first venture into gluten-free and dairy-free...I won't say that I was successful at it either.  I did learn one thing...coconut flour browns WAY fast!

We had another Turtle for J...garnished with homemade toffee...

...and Mocha for R...and this time I got it right!  (unlike last year...sigh...)

Let's see...what next?  How about Eggnog for S with a couple shots of bourbon...cause...bourbon...a total cheat like one-night stand hook-up cheat easy.  But it tasted good...which just makes it that much more of a cheat!

SR (the first SR above!) asked for Crack Pie - and I need to try the real Crack Pie sometime, cause we didn't quite get this right either.  It looked right, but it wasn't the right consistency or taste...Yet!

And little TR-man had Brown Sugar - apparently a classic Southern pie, but I'd never heard of it.  S made this one.  Check out that braided crust!

K chose Oreo - always a favorite...

..and S chose a Fruit Tart like I made for K's sister's wedding last spring.  Light.  Simple.  Fruity.

As long as we are on fruit, I chose Peach...

...and we had a Strawberry for a little Lady L who loves strawberries about as much as K-man.

B had her Pumpkin - whipped cream!

...and G chose to combine two of his favorite flavors - Banana and Coconut.  (I liked this one!)

Last but not least, we had our Pie Night Pie...the Grand Marnier Pecan garnished with whipped cream and orange zest.  I love this pie!

You may ask why I do Pie Night?

This!  This is why I do Pie Night!

And this!

And little faces looking for a train to come out of the tunnel.

Even not so little faces like to look for the train...'s all about the little ones and the family.  Failures or successes...if the Morrison Family has gotten together, then that's what it's all about.

It's my goal to share the Chicken Pot Pie recipe this week, so stop by again soon!