Monday, March 30, 2015

Cute Kids...Cute Pies

It's been tooooo long since I posted, but I have a couple of ideas, so hopefully I will post how I made these soon...

But tonight I'm posting a few cute pics from recent trips and activities.

Like O-man's 3rd birthday where he got a baseball hitting practice toy thingy...
It's actually kind of a fun toy...he hits the button that makes the red cage swing up so that a ball gets picked up by the tether ready to hit.  Which O-man did!
Although I will let you in on a little secret...O-man was a lot more interested in how the cage thing worked than in hitting.  Future engineer perhaps?

Or like K-man and Grandpa G sharing cake and homemade ice cream.

Please note the Fedora on the arm of the chair.  That would be K-man's Fedora, not Grandpa G's.  K-man is quite the fashion trendsetter, let me tell ya!

Or like J-man concentrating on choo-choos...serious business, don't ya know...

The next day, this was our beautiful view for a few hours.  Shhh....quiet please...

And then this was from a couple of days ago...some cake...
...and pies for K's sister, A, and E's wedding.  Happy marriage A&E!
These are some of the cutest ones up close...
...cause The King never really left the building.

...cause SPRING!

Speaking of which, I have a sweet story to tell you.  We made a strawberry pie for K-man for our Pie Night in Springfield at Christmas time.  When K-man heard that we were coming back into town for O-man's birthday, he made my day by saying "I like Grandma Deb!  She makes me Strawberry Pie!"  So next time we head down, you better believe there will be a strawberry pie with K-man's name on it!

Mmm....Lemon Meringue!  I didn't get enough, so there is another one in our near Easter future!

Italian sophistication anyone?

And last but certainly not least...Oreo.
This humble, simple pie is ALWAYS the first one gone!  How funny is that?

Are you still with me?  I have one other cute pic to share.  J-man was the ring bearer last weekend.  He held the hand of the flower girl to walk down the aisle.  I think he figured out that he likes to hold hands with little girls....dancing is just better if you're holding hands, right?

J-man...I want to hold your hand!

Hope you're smiling!  And I will share the other two recipes and tips in another couple of days in case you want to make one for Easter!

Happy Cuteness!

Friday, March 6, 2015

My Response to DOJ "Response"


Unsung Hero.

Coward.  (Your choice who I have in mind.)

Hero.  Heroes.


Gospel Truth.



Because I'm sick of the lies.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Thomas Birthday!

We had fun celebrating J-man's 2 year old birthday on Sunday!

Choo!  Choo!  J-man's 2!

It was a Thomas birthday complete with a Thomas gliding balloon.
Have you seen these?  This was my first exposure to a gliding balloon.  He started out on the table as a centerpiece.

But then, Mimi, decided we "needed" to experience Thomas' gliding features!
Thomas and J-man

We had SOOOO much fun with this!

J-man got his first remote control Thomas, too.  He loves it!
We also had some cuteness between the cousins.  J-man doesn't say Lady L's name, but he does say, "Baby".  (How sweet is that pointer?!)

And he helps her.
UNLESS, of course, Mommy starts to hold Lady L...and then we hear, 'No, no, no!"

But a snuggle blanket helps, and J-man even shared it with Lady L.
Mommy's are hard to share, after all.

But by the time we got downstairs to play, J-man shared one of his cars with Lady L.  Can you see it?
Mater and Lady L are now buds, too.  Good times!