Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is it wrong...

...that I pray for my dishwasher to last at least another year before we have to replace it?  I don't mean it to sound like I'm treating God like a vending machine and punching in my orders.

Is is wrong that I remember writing a sketch that was performed about 6 years ago called "Vending Machine God" that dealt with that very idea?  Or is it more wrong that I've stopped writing sketches?

Is it wrong that I sometimes forget to start that dishwasher because we could fit just a few more things in before "tomorrow" night's supper, but then "tomorrow" gets here and then we don't have room for those dishes? 

It is wrong that it's been almost 2 months since I've posted anything and the only thing on my mind are these random questions and there's no pics of food?

Is it wrong that I asked my son to send me 3,489 post cards from all of the places he will visit while driving a truck?

Is it wrong that when he told me the post cards would be boring and to prove his point he sent me a pic of the highway in front of him from the cab, I tried to sound artsy smartsy and told him his subject matter and composition would get better?

And if that is wrong, is it somehow less wrong that the pics he's sent me since that time have been better?

Is it wrong that I invited my son-in-law over to our house for his birthday this Sunday only to then rescind the invitation a day later because I forgot I'd be driving out of town this Sunday?

Is it wrong that an hour ago I could think of a bunch more of these than I can right now?

Is it wrong that my work day started at 5:30 this morning, and it will start at 5:30 again tomorrow but I'm sitting here at 10:15pm writing down these questions?

Is it wrong that I love those times when I've washed my hair at night and I don't have to put any products in it to style it but I can just let it lay loose and flat but feel soft?

Is it wrong that I love bruschetta even when it's made with store bought tomatoes and I forgot the balsamic vinegar?  Will someone take my foodie membership card away for that?

Is it wrong that I have no idea how to end this post?