Sunday, October 14, 2012

I like friends

I like friends.  All kinds of friends.

I like FB friends.  How fun is it to hear from people all over the country when it's your birthday?!  I LOVE that aspect of FB!  And I am one of those people who like to wish others greetings on their special days, but I don't ever keep up with it like I should.  So it's great to have a helper like FB help me.  And how fun is it when your phone "blows up" all day with greetings from people!  Too fun!

I like party friends.  People who will help you celebrate your birthday with a party.  Even when it's just a regular old number like 51.  People who make up Foodie Bingo and Foodie Double Play games all in your honor.  Way cool.  And way hard, too.  For example, one clue was "These are double good."  The answer is a two-word phrase where both words begin with the same letter.  Can you figure it out?  Here is another one: "you don't need a passport to eat this vegetable."  Go ahead.  Noodle them for a while.  I may or may not give the answers at the end...

I like meatloaf friends.  People who will make you meatloaf and baked potatoes like your mama used to do when you were a little girl, asking what you wanted for your birthday dinner.  Especially when that meatloaf is made by a lady who is almost 80 years old and is motivated by love and wanting to remind you of your mother who is already gone.  How loving and thoughtful is that?  Does it get much better? 

I like non-meatloaf friends.  I have a sisterhood friend who can't stand meatloaf, but that's ok.  I love her tons anyway.  So what she and I don't have over meatloaf, we have over tea and pastry - not a bad trade off in my mind.

I like let-me-be-lazy friends.  G and I had a very low-key, lazy, sleeping-in type weekend - and I really needed that.  I even took a nap today.  Wait.  How old did I turn today?  83?  Yes, that must be it.

I like let's eat Mexican friends.  G & I went with S & R to Chimi's out in St. Pete today for Mexican for my bday.  I have other friends who love Mexican so much we hint that it's time again by saying we need "salsa by IV" - just hang a bag up and inject it via needle.  Speaking of which - if you're reading this ladies, today was really good, but I still need salsa by IV ASAP...

I like family friends.  I've received love from all of my kids and my sister.  S bought me lunch on Friday.  I received cards and gifts.  I even heard from A that she is grateful to have me as her mother-in-law.  Talk about something that makes me smile....

Yep, I like friends.  Such a wonderful gift from God to celebrate.  So I am.  Celebrating each one of you!

Thank you for being my friends and all of the well wishes!

Oh, you want the answers to the double plays above?  Hmmm...should I?  Should I not?  Hmmm...

Tell ya what - I'll type them backwards.  At least that's not a complete give away...

These are double good....  snob-nob

You don't need a passport to eat this vegetable....seirf hcnerf  (trust took us much longer than it took you to read this post to figure these out!  I love it!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

We cut the cake!

Here's the cake.  (And the little Wolff puppy in the background as well as the ice cream maker cylindar.) 

No chance anyone thinks this cake is pink is there?  Sorry, I forgot to get a shot of the blue ice cream, and while it was an odd color, it tasted really good....which all means, of course, that...

I look forward to introducing you to Jackson Oliver in a few short months!!

(Trust me, it will be a while before I run out of these...the spreadsheet has over 260 potential grandmother names from the Internet...we live in a very interesting world, folks...)