Sunday, September 11, 2011

Such a special day!

For those of you who've been watching the progress on the cakes, you'll know that I'm talking about my daughter, S's, wedding day yesterday.  I was more nervous for her wedding day than my own, and I'm starting to think that is normal for the MOTB.  But everyone and everything came together and just worked!  It was truly a beautiful day all the way around.  I didn't get pictures of everything, but I will share what I have. 

Let's start with a couple of pics of my beautiful daughter and her beautiful dress.  I didn't get Bridal Gown 101 from the store, but thanks to some wonderful people that I will talk about more another day, I had the special privelege of helping her with her final dress preparations.  I kept having to take pictures of my lacing job from the back and showing them to her to see if I was doing it right.

 And I got it wrong at first.
The bow goes on the inside!  See how pretty it lays!
And here is my daughter all ready to go.  Can we say "beautiful" boys and girls?

I will post another day about her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue or the wonderful people and beauty of the setup or even the moments that made me tear up. For now we'll just go straight to the cakes.  We'll begin with the wedding cake.  Here are the final pics of the cakes taken from my house, ready for C to pick up and transport to the wedding venue. 

And here it is all stacked up and ready for S & K and their guests to enjoy!
Now for K's Frisco 1522 cake.  Let's begin with some of the fondant prep activities.  I said something a couple of days ago about black luster spray being my new BFF.  Here's a shot of the fondant before BLS.  Notice how the fondant is still closer to gray than black?  Also notice the leftover powdered sugar traces even after I had brushed it off repeatedly? 

If I had caught a shot of the "steam cap" (that hat-looking piece from a few days ago) layed on top, you'd really see the contrast in color.  Now look at the BLS after.  Amazing, right?!!

I added some trims to lay the first sense of dimensions that it's a train and then it was ready for C to take on the task of transporting it to the Transportation Museum.

And now, here are some shots of the final cake with all of the side pieces and the top pieces in place, the working light, the working bell and yes, even some smoke coming from the chimney for a few minutes at the very beginning. 

 And here's a view of the entire cake luggage cart.
As one friend put it, a one of a kind cake.  And she's right.  It will never be built again - to be enjoyed but once and irrevocably, like fireworks.

It was a very special day.  And it was obvious that S&K had a wonderful time. 

Oh, and they ended up married....which I think was the whole point! 

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