Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Happy! Happy! Birthday Girl Aunt FB!

This beautiful lady is celebrating her birthday today!

If you read this post from June when my Aunt R had a birthday, you may recall two things:
  • We do not reveal a lady's age
  • I did the math to at least say that Aunt R was turning "something north of 70"
Now since Aunt FB is two years older than Aunt R, we can therefore say that Aunt FB is turning something north of 70 + 2.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.
Aunt FB is one of The Original Eight.  She is the lady standing third from the left, between my mother and Aunt R.  I miss the faces in this photo....
We had a GREAT visit with these two aunts and many of their kiddos and grand kiddos last month!  It was so good to see everyone and capture some of their stories. 
So today, I get to share with you 5 things that I have learned from Aunt FB.  I'm not sure that she will even know that I posted it to be able to read it, but hopefully someone will read it to her somewhere, someway, someday...
So here they are - 5 things that I have learned Aunt FB.
5) Embrace the nickname!  No shame!  Even if the nickname ceased to truly apply past toddlerhood. 

4) Oreos make the world go round.  Always have.  Always will.
(And if I recall correctly, I believe that Aunt FB has received at least one birthday "cake" made of Oreos similar to this pic.)
3) Create beauty.  My Aunt FB loves to create beauty wherever she can.  I’m not sure that she does this any longer, but when I was growing up, every family bride was given some painted china.  It might be a cup; it might be a plate or a saucer, but it was hand-painted by Aunt FB.  Each one individual.  Each one special.  Each one beautiful.  Each one fragile – not only because of the medium, but because of the time and creativity and love from the giver.  This cross was done by Aunt FB for my daughter, B.  One of a kind.
2) Write.  I think at least part of my love to write comes from my Aunt FB.  Tell stories.  Don’t worry about being “good enough.”  Just write.  The very, regular practice will make me better.  (And THAT’S the part I struggle with the most!  Sigh…)
1) Teach.  Share your knowledge and experience with others.  I’m not sure if she is still teaching every week or not, but I know she was teaching from the Bible every week (except vacations and illness) well into her “something north of 70 + 2”.  And teaching well.  Aunt FB has touched many lives through the years with her words of teaching, wisdom, love and compassion.  Her reward will be great in Heaven.
Happy!  Happy!  Aunt FB!!  We love you and hope you have had a wonderful birthday full of love and laughter and fun and Oreos!!

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