Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy! Happy! Birthday Girl C!

It's C's birthday today - of C&D fame!  Happy!  Happy!

While I haven't known C all that long, I've learned at least these 5 things from her...hope these bring a smile, Miss C!
5) Sponge Bob.  Cause Sponge Bob.  I couldn't find a pic of the SB cake I made last year for B's 2nd birthday to show you here...too many changes with laptops and files and whatnot...but I've learned a bit about SB just from making him on a cake.
4) Live in pajamas every chance you get.  (I don’t get many chances, but when I do – like working from home on snow days – I get it.)

3) PBJ’s and chili go together like grilled cheese and tomato soup or hot dogs and mac & cheese.  I haven’t tried the PBJ-Chili combo platter yet, but C&D swear by it.  And they are apparently not alone if this blog is any indication… 

2) Love unconditionally.  It won’t always be reciprocated.  Love unconditionally anyway.

1) Motherhood is the most honorable profession and privilege, regardless of the circumstances.  Certain situations make it harder than others, but choosing to give the gift of life is always worth it.
Happy!  Happy!  C!  We hope you've had a wonderful birthday and that we get to see everyone again soon!

We love you!


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