Saturday, July 23, 2016

Happy! Happy! Birthday Girl K!

It's K's birthday!!  Yep, the gorgeous lady in this pic is celebrating her birth today!!  Happy!  Happy!
So you know what that means!  Yep, I get to share 5 things that I have learned from K in hopes of bringing her a smile and reminding her how much we love her.  It didn't work out for us to hug her neck and have a good visit this year's birthday, but hopefully we will make that happen very soon.  We love you, K!
Alright, so here are 5 things I have learned from K...
5) Avocados make the world go round. 

E thinks that bacon makes the world go round.  So I suppose an avocado BLT is just about the perfect signature sandwich to represent their marriage.

If we could combine avocados, bacon and strawberry pie into one, that could be the signature food item to represent their family.  But that's another story for another blog post.

4) Sparkles are not good.  Wait?  What?  Sparkles are not good?  Yep, that's right.  They aren't good.  They are DA BEST!!!  Decorate with them every chance you get whether that is in your home or on your person!!  (Even if you're an "old" person like me!)
3) Compliment.  Tell people - especially older women - that they look nice that day. (Even if there are things that they could have improved that day.) A kind, complimentary word does so much for the hearer's heart and soul.  And K is generous with compliments for me every time I see her.  It makes me want to see her even more!  <insert heart emojis here...>

2) Listen to little ones.  That usually means slowing down, giving them your full attention, and giving them the time they need to find their words.  But the end result is always worth it.  (And if Dad can toss in a funny face along with it, then everybody smiles and feels the love!)

1) When life doesn't quite turn out as planned, make a new plan.  K has experienced this often in her life.  I could list a few of these, but I don't want this to turn into a DDD (Deb Dissertation Downer).  I want to celebrate that K continues to find a new plan and embrace it despite how hard that might be.  I have a great deal of respect for that sort of fortitude and positivity.  I was so excited to see that this "little" announcement was made yesterday, because this is just another example of how K seeks God and makes a new plan when life doesn't turn out quite as originally planned.  We can't wait to meet this grandchild and cheer this plan on every step of the way!!!

Happy!  Happy!  We love you and hope your birthday has been totally wonderful K!  We hope to see you all very soon!!!

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